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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 23, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PST

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"good morning america" starts now. >> "lady bird." good morning, america. breaking news for our viewers in the west. a giant earthquake off the coast of alaska, sparking alerts and tsunami watches across the entire west coast this morning. >> a tsunami warning has been issued for this area. >> people told to evacuate immediately. police saying this is not a drill. the very latest as we come on the air. back in business, hundreds of thousands of government workers now on the job again after president trump signs a bill to end the shutdown overnight. but the fight's not over. what does this temporary deal mean for the fate of 800,000 d.r.e.a.m.ers? ♪ sweet caroline breaking overnight, neil diamond's big announcement about his future and his private health battle. and countdown to the oscars, it's the biggest morning for the
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greatest show in hollywood. from "get out" to "i, tonya" grab oscar gold? the nominees are calling in. their emotional reactions right here on "gma." >> no one does oscar like "gma" and if they say they do, they're lying. good morning, america. we want to get right to that breaking news, a massive earthquake off the coast of alaska, 7.9. it has sparked tsunami alerts up and down the west coast this morning. >> and listen to this again. [ sirens blaring ] that is the alert that's waking people up in alaska this morning. people are told to get to higher ground immediately and to take shelter. >> and in san francisco, this alert going out to so many saying, prepare to evacuate and
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check on your neighbors. as you can imagine, the alerts cause a lot of concern this morning. thankfully, everybody's safe at this hour. so let's get right to kayna whitworth is in santa monica, california. >> reporter: and good morning. so all the warnings, watches have been cancelled. imagine being in alaska and waking up to that siren saying you have five minutes to make it to higher ground. the national weather service sent out the first alerts to cell phones. emergency alert. tsunami danger on the coast. go the higher ground or move inland. even here in california, i want to show you what i received this morning. but it was a terrifying morning for millions of americans. [ siren blaring ] this is the alarm that woke residents in alaska in the middle of the night. >> a tsunami warning has beenish
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shurd for this area. >> reporter: a tsunami warning triggered by a 7.9 earthquake off the coast of alaska. a tsunami watch generated up and down much of the west coast from british columbia all the way to san francisco bay. >> this is not a drill. this is an actual tsunami warning. everybody get at least 100 feet above sea level. high school parking lot, pillar mountain is safe, however it is very backed up right now. so you won't make it there in five minutes. so best place right now is the high school parking lot. everybody get out of your homes and make it to a safe place. >> reporter: the tsunami was first expected to take aim at cokodiak, alaska, first. residents heeding the order rushing to higher ground. >> there's nothing to be scared of. >> reporter: the town's residents gathered at the local high school for shelter.
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schools here will be cancelled for the rest of the day. residents woke up to messages like this on their phone. the wake took place in shallow water about 175 miles off the coast. according to noaa tsunami waves can travel as fast as 500 miles an hour in deep water. in shallow water, the waves slow in height and size as they build. they've been monitoring the situation in alaska. measuring the wave height. at this point, they're allowing everyone who evacuated in alaska to go back home. here in southern california, we have advisories about high surfs and rip currents. with everything cancelled up and down the west coast, it's business as usual. robin. >> kayna, thank you. >> this morning, we spoke with larry ledoux, when did you first
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feel the earthquake, larry? >> well, i don't know the exact time. i know that i was awake and the house started to shake. it went on and on. which is not normal which the kind of earthquakes i have experienced here in alaska. >> can you give us a sense of the mood, emotions running there in the shelter. >> well, we have 500, 600 people here at the high school. we opened all of our schools as shelters when we get an alert. it's pretty relaxed. people are just sitting around, talking to one another, children, adults, elders, very relaxed atmosphere. >> what are you being told at this hour? >> well, we monitor the city police and they provide alerts. right now, they're just saying stay in place until you get official word. >> you're mentioning the people there if the shelter, in 1964,
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your town kodiak was hit hard by tsuna tsunami, some people went through that, are they sharing anything about what happened then? >> they are. i recognize a number of people sitting here who were there in '64. tsunamis are part of our life. we drill our students once a month, so it's a rather relaxed atmosphere considering what's happening. >> well, we're glad that you're all prepared and it's reassuring hearing your voice, larry, you take care. >> he does sound pretty chill. i want to go to ginger right now for the latest on the tsunami >> i want to bring you in and show you the radiating circles on the map. two dozen aftershocks that have been felt around that gulf of alaska. that all very close to where the epicenter was of 7.9 magnitude earthquake. south and east of kodiak. then, you look at the ring of fire, the area on the earth
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where we see 90% of the earthquake activity. on the globe. so, yes, it has been very active the last ten days. in places like indonesia just had an earthquake the other day. this is from central japan, one of their popular ski resort, a volcano erupted. one person killed and several injured. you know the activity around that ring of fire is really going. something we'll be watching for much time to come. our own storms here in the u.s. i'll cover in just a bit. back to michael. now, to that winter storm moving from the midwest to the east coast, washington to boston bracing for torrential rain, flooding and even ice jams. abc's gio benitez with more. >> reporter: michael, we're on the connecticut river, believe it or not. this is all ice. these are those ice jams we're
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talking about. i want to show you how much ice there is. take a look at our wide shot right now. you can see this ice goes on for miles and miles. and that's the concern. we'll have this rain, it's already starting to come down and that water isn't going to have anywhere to go. right now, a flood warning is in effect here. this morning, cities across the u.s. facing heavy rain and flooding threats. but in the midwest they are still picking up the pieces after a wave of harsh blizzard conditions. from nebraska this semi truck in a ditch after ten inches of snowfall monday. >> road conditions are extremely hazardous. we're advising that you do not go out in these conditions. >> reporter: to south dakota, abandoned cars scattered along the side of this highway. whiteout conditions in sioux city, iowa, a winter wonderland from above. but a nightmare for drivers down below. >> i think people are
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underestimating how slippery it actually is. >> reporter: and heavy snowfall isn't the only threat. powerful winds creating blinding conditions on the highways. causing crashes like this multitruck pileup near lincoln. >> we started to back up. >> reporter: conditions in minnesota just as messy. cars spinning out or completely abandoned in the middle of the road. st. paul airport, halting all arrivals overnight. i want to show you right now the damage these ice jams can cause. take a look at this, this is a pier. ice just brought right here onshore. now, this flood warning here is in effect through tonight, michael. >> all right, thank you, gio. we're looking at each other like that's connecticut? don't underestimate this storm. i think that's the big message. >> it is powerful. to washington where the government is back open after a three-day shutdown. overnight, president trump claimed victory in the showdown as he signed a bill to fund the government for another three weeks. but the parties remain far apart on the key issue of
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immigration and the d.r.e.a.m.ers and mary bruce on capitol hill with the latest. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, the government is back open for just another three weeks. but the sticking points at the heart of this debate are still not resolved. they still don't have a plan to protect d.r.e.a.m.ers. and with the clock ticking, we could be right back where this started in just 17 days. this morning, the shutdown is officially over but the fight continues. >> opening the government was one step. but the real work, i think, comes now. >> and we got the process started, and now we have to get the bills done. >> reporter: democrats monday agreed to a deal to re-open the government for just three more weeks and extend the children's health insurance program in exchange for a promise. the senate republican leader vowing to work on a solution for d.r.e.a.m.ers. >> this immigration debate will have a level playing field. >> reporter: but it's a big risk for democrats who shut down the government over demands that d.r.e.a.m.ers be protected
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and now they're changing course and trusting that the republican leader will follow through. >> are you confident that mitch mcconnell is going to keep his word? >> mcconnell made a pledge in front of the world, so we're counting on him and i think he will and i hope he will. >> reporter: president trump has given congress until march 5th to solve the issue or nearly 800,000 undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children could face deportation. >> the republican majority now has 17 days to prevent the d.r.e.a.m.ers from being deported. >> reporter: while senate republicans have vowed to act on d.r.e.a.m.ers, house republicans haven't made any promises. and now, with another possible shutdown looming even some democratic leaders are skeptical. >> it does not guarantee that the congress will address the issues, i pray that neither i nor the congress will be in this same position come february 8th. >> reporter: now, going forward, the bipartisan group of senators who helped hammer out this deal are going to continue their talks.
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this is a new group. they haven't worked together much before. and apparently, they're quite a chatty group, too. we're told that during these meetings they would pass around a native american talking stick to help maintain some semblance of order. and as the group grew, that didn't cut it very well. think went to tossing a basketball around. apparently that's what it takes to get something done on the hill. >> it did work. they're claiming worker but senator schumer facing quite a backlash and notice just about all the democrats were looking to run for president next time around voted no on the deal. >> reporter: this is a huge gamble for democrats. they shut down the government over d.r.e.a.m.ers and, ultimately, it's not clear if they're going to get what they want. as you point out, most of those who opposed are democrats who have been rumored to be eyeing a presidential run in 2020. we're told schumer's message to disappointed democrats yesterday, you have to lay the hand you're dealt. it is what it is. george. >> well, thank you, mary. let's get more from cecilia
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vega and the president took a victory lap overnight. >> reporter: a victory lap, some might also say tweeting. i mean, gloating. it came via twitter. he said big wins for republicans as democrats cave on the shutdown. now i want a big win for everyone including republicans, democrats, and daca. but especially for our great military and border security. should be able to get there. see you at the negotiating table. so, discussions have already begun. the president invited a number of senators here yesterday afternoon right after that deal was reached to start talking about daca and immigration moving forward including two moderate democrats, but, remember, the president took some heat for largely sitting out on the sidelines during these shutdown negotiations. but, george, now the white house is touting that as a winning strategy. >> they are, but if you look at that statement from the president, the other statements coming out of the white house, it does appear that the president is taking a much harder line now on the overall immigration deal than he did a couple of weeks ago with that big group of bipartisan legislators. >> reporter: yeah, exactly. and not a lot of trust between the two sides either. that's going to be a major issue as they go forward.
7:14 am
the million-dollar question this morning here in washington is where exactly does president trump stand on immigration, on specifically this issue of daca? moving forward. people here in his inner circle do believe he can get a deal done and say it's going to have to include funding for border security, likely that wall. but remember what chuck schumer said just the other day. negotiating with donald trump is like negotiating with jell-o. even though his own party has been critical of the lack of clarity on this issue, i specifically asked sarah sanders about the president's comments right here in this briefing room yesterday when he said just in september those d.r.e.a.m.ers should not be worried. she wouldn't say that again yesterday. >> cecilia, thanks very much. clock ticking and government open till february 8th. michael. the con terndz just revealed this morning. chris connelly is here this morning. >> reporter: some surprises indeed. and a really good morning for a lot of people in hollywood. among others, lady bird and for
7:15 am
a fable of sort, from the early '60s from a creature who love the water and the people who love the movies. the shape of water led the way with 13 nominations. with best picture and best supporting actor. as well as best actress for sally hawkins. a surprise nod octavia spencer. among their toughest competition, three billboards outside missouri. and the film also nominated for best picture. along with one of the best successes at the box office "get out." its director jordan peelle making history. nominated in that category, as well as best original screen
7:16 am
picture. and greta gerwin for lady bird. best spotting actress for lauren metcalfe. she was proud to be in a category with all women over the age of 40. >> really strong, powerful supporting actress roles this year. no best picture nominees for "i, tonya." >> until then, just stay out of my face. >> you can come all the way back? >> yeah. >> reporter: mary j.blige secured two nominations. james franco was shut out of the
7:17 am
best acting, directing categories. so, it's all about the people. it's also about the numbers. big numbers on the board. five nominations in all for "lady bird." 13 nominations for t"the shape f water." coming up, we'll hear from some of the nominees. >> thank you, chris connelly. another check of the weather with ginger. >> yes, we saw the blizzard component of the storm that gio was showing us and the severe component. hail in westchester, ohio, north of cincinnati. a lot of rain and even strong storms with that. on top of some of those rivers that have ice jams you'll have flood watches through albany,
7:18 am
manchester, new hampshire, up to portland, maine. so, very mild today. as the storm approaches the cold front's there. the timing as we speak at this hour. through tonight and then we'll look for lake effect snow and significantly colder air. if you're flying somewhere to the east coast and you saw it's around 60 in new york, much colder. local weather in 30 seconds. beautiful shot this morning
7:19 am
across the bay waking up to some fog in the north and east bay and partly cloudy today next storm arrives tomorrow, look frg a dry and mild weekend. partly cloudy skies, 56 in san rafael, san francisco and fremont, 60 santa cruz and the accuweather 7 day forecast, level and coming up, two of the women accusing james franco of inappropriate behavior are speaking out. that interview with amy coming up. and new fears about the flu and how fast children are becoming victims. the 6-year-old girl who died after she went to the doctor and her temperature dropped. the parents now wondering how this could happen. happen. ♪
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♪ good morning east bay,let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. a massive earthquake struck off the coast of alaska this morning, a tsunami watch is on the west coast. taking precautions following that warning. alleviating fuel leaks there t. let's check in with sue hall with traffic. >> still with a significant alert in oakland no estimated time of opening. high street causing the back up up to 980 and northbound slow as well. speeds ofless than five miles an hour and some cases 3 miles an hour. then it picks un. take 580 until they get it
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> mike is not here today and we're looking at reduced visibility in the north bay and check this out. isn't this gorgeous from the roof camera. we have a blazing sunrise on the way. temperatures in the 30s and 40s, 47 in san jose and looking at our camera low 40s. numbers in the mid and upper 50s ad rain arrives tomorrow through thursday. >> thank you we'll have another update in about 30 minutes and always on the news aband
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it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way. you know i dream about it every night. >> there is mi "moonlight," you won best picture. >> best picture. >> man. man. >> "moonlight." >> i can't even open the mail because of, you know, all the envelopes and then the worst part is they want to me to do it again. what do i do? >> i don't care what you do. just get out of my house. >> you want me to leave. >> out! >> hmm. welcome back to "gma." and that is the oscar moment we'll never forget. it's still haunting host jimmy kimmel in that brand-new promo but warren beatty seems to be over it. >> jimmy will be hosting this year. this morning, we're finding out the nominees going for oscar gold and what they're doing to
7:31 am
avoid another "moonlight" moment. lots of changes coming up. >> you can tell warren beaty knew something was wrong. >> yes, yes, he kept passing it off. >> you read it. >> you feel bad. >> he did. >> you feel bad he got caught up in all that. >> i just feel bad for "moonlight." that was their moment but they won the oscar. the other headlines we're following right now this morning, a massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of alaska sparking tsunami warnings and alerts up and down the west coast. people evacuating, heading to shelters, and thankfully the watch for the west coast has now been canceled. and authorities are closely watching this volcano in the philippines that sent 56,000 people fleeing, lava and ash pouring down the mountain. but we start out with those two women making claims against james franco and, amy, you sat down with them. >> that's right. sarah tither-kaplan and violet paley says at first he was a teacher and mentor, someone they looked up to, but they also say he crossed a line.
7:32 am
>> james franco. >> reporter: james franco's win at the golden globes two weeks ago was quickly eclipsed by a tweet from a woman accusing him of pressuring her to perform a sexual act, questioning his time's up support and bringing his name into the national discussion of sexual harassment. 23-year-old violet paley tweeting in part, cute time's up pin, james franco. >> it was impulsive to tweet that. >> reporter: paley and 26-year-old sarah tither-kaplan, a former student of franco's, are both stepping forward to say franco has abused his power in hollywood. >> james abused his power by exploiting the noncelebrity women that he worked with under the guise of giving them opportunities. >> you're very nervous. >> i'm shaking, yeah. >> why? >> being an actor and filmmaker and working in the industry is like been my dream since i was like, my god, i don't even --
7:33 am
maybe 5 or 6 and i knew that by coming forward i was risking my career. >> reporter: sarah says while she had some positive experiences working with franco, she also felt uncomfortable sometimes doing nude scenes for a film project with his students. >> when i was a student in the master class that he taught in l.a. called sex scenes. >> what did you say yes to that you wanted to say no to? >> there were a lot of scenes that were added after we were given the original scripts that i felt i wished i had more time to consider them or understand the artistic value of them. >> sex scene, nude scenes. >> sex scene, nude scenes, yes, a lot of the time they seemed gratuities and exploitative. >> so women who didn't say yes to all of the nude scenes or the sex scenes were asked to leave. >> actually not asked to be in
7:34 am
any of the projects. >> where does james franco fall in the spectrum of hollywood men behaving badly? >> james is absolutely not a harvey weinstein. he is not an unfeeling monster who has no sense of reality. he created exploitative environments for noncelebrity women on his sets and i also think james is a very talented and valuable person. it is a pyramid and at the top is rape and sexual violence and at the bottom are the other abuses of power that when they continue to happen over and over build and build and create a culture that allows the most heinous examples of sexual violence and misogyny and discrimination to happen and so, if we allow any of them, we're allowing all of them. >> reporter: for paley she claims franco took advantage of her on a date. can you explain how he pressured you? >> he kind of like pushed my
7:35 am
head down and was like saying, come on. >> reporter: and afterward you continued to have a consensual sexual relationship. do you think that in any way complicates your story? >> yes, of course. i mean, i -- i am regretful. i was young. he was a celebrity that i looked up to. >> reporter: franco's representatives made no comment except to say the women's claims are not accurate. they referred to his previous comment on the matter. >> if i've done something wrong, i will fix it, i have to. >> what do you want him to do or say? he did say if there is restitution to be made, i will make it. what does that look like to you? >> using his power to give opportunities to women that are real and valuable and actually give them career advancement, you know, he's not an unforgivable person. at least for me. >> you have a platform right now. what do you want to say to james
7:36 am
franco? >> a lot of things but please just apologize. >> sarah and violet say they will continue to pursue careers in hollywood. sarah as a filmmaker and violet as a comedy writer and they hope by coming forward they can be a part of hollywood being safer for women to work in their early 20s and i hope they have long careers. >> nothing from franco. >> he said refer back to my former comment. >> very well spoken and on point. coming up, those new concerns about the flu and children, a 6-year-old one of the latest victims. even after seeing a doctor. new year, new phones for the family. join t-mobile, and when you buy one of the latest samsung phones get a samsung galaxy s8 free. plus, unlimited family plans come with netflix included. so, you can watch all your netflix favorites on your new samsung phones.
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we are back now with new concerns about the deadly flu. a 6-year-old girl in north carolina is now a victim as a startling new study reveals that just breathing, just breathing can spread the virus. linsey davis joins us with more. just breathing, linsey? >> just breathing, hard to believe. good morning to you, robin. now nearly two weeks since the epidemic was announced the flu rages on with 32 states reporting high levels of flu activity and now, including little emily, the number of pediatric deaths has jumped to 30. the parents of a north carolina girl are now speaking out warning about how quickly the virus took the life of their daughter in just a matter of days. >> she'll always be with us. >> reporter: emily muth started
7:41 am
showing symptoms last tuesday, by thursday her grandmother took her to the local urgent care which confirmed a positive flu test. her parents say she was prescribed tamiflu and told she had be back at school by monday but the next day emily was having trouble breathing. an ambulance was called and according to the family the emt said emily's heavy breathing was typical for the flu plus her temperature was down from 102 to 99.6. >> she asked if we could take her or, you know, and, you know, i was -- they're the medical personnel. you know, i trust their -- what they know and they said she's fine. >> reporter: they elected to monitor her from home but then several hours later. >> she was breathing a little bit heavier than she was and all of a sudden she just raised up and went back down and i noticed that, emily, emily and noticed she wasn't breathing. >> reporter: mom called 911
7:42 am
again but by then it was too late. >> could more have done? you always think that. you know what i mean, if they say get to the hospital, the ambulance called that friday morning and saw her state. >> reporter: now an alarming new study is revealing how it can spread so quickly by simply breathing. that's right. not only coughing and sneezing but breathing can transmit the droplets that carry the flu. university of maryland researchers put flu patients in this sealed chamber they called the gazoon height machine. to track flu particles from the breath. >> we were able to culture the virus from over 40% of the aerosol samples that we collected, proving that these fine particle aerosols are infectious and capable of transmitting infection. >> the overall hospitalization rate is also high but still lower than the overall hospitalization rate reported during the same week of the 2014/2015 season.
7:43 am
emily's two siblings have since gotten the flu shot in hopes that will make a difference. >> why is it that some states are seeing less flu activity than others. >> three states where it's low talking about maine, montana and delaware. it's hard to say exactly why. it could be that those states will peak later. it could also be that the people are not going to the doctors to report their flu-like symptoms. >> it might be underreported. >> it could be. >> appreciate that. coming up, everybody, six changes that are coming to the oscars to prevent another "moonlight" moment and what happened to the people at the center of last year's mistake? we'll be right back. year's mistake? we'll be right back.
7:44 am
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7:47 am
voya. helping you to and through retirement. there's a mistake. "moonlight," you guys won best picture. >> "moonlight" won. >> this is not a joke. >> this is not a joke. i'm afraid they read the wrong thing. >> it was not a joke. that was one of the biggest mistakes in oscar history. "la la land" named best picture last year instead of the real winner, "moonlight." >> now as the academy announces their nominations this morning they're also revealing new rules to prevent a repeat. you're going to break that down? >> we got new rules and remember why this happened. pricewaterhousecoopers, an accounting firm, they're supposed to secure the count and the secrecy of the ballot. what do they need new rules for? for this. because that's what they screwed up last year. they couldn't hand the write envelope to another human being. so that's what we need rules for.
7:48 am
here they are, the new rules. first a third balloting partner, used to only have two. the third in the control room and they'll have to memorize the winners. you know how long it took to correct that problem. this year you got it memorized. if you hear the wrong winner announced you're automatically on top of things and they'll have to attend rehearsals and practice this year what to do if something like that happens again. >> some of those stars -- >> the balloting partners, not the stars but on the stars the onus will be on them as well. usually they go back and get handed an envelope. this year they're going to have to look at it and secure and they have responsibility themselves like secure it like nuclear codes or something. authenticate. authenticate. make sure. you got the right thing. >> i like that. >> what happened to the people who messed up last year? >> well, they haven't been invited back. they are not going to be there this year. brian cullen and martha ruiz. >> they didn't get fired, right? >> they didn't get fired from the firm but they're not coming back. won't be backstage. remember, they were backstage
7:49 am
taking pictures and selfies with celebrities when you're supposed to be handing the right ballot. got a new set of folks in place. >> they were there for quite a while. >> they were. do you see who his best picture nomination is? you see what he said? "get out." >> the only movie i saw, actually. >> it was a good one. >> oh, my gosh. >> t.j., thanks so much and don't go anywhere, anybody. we've got more on oscar nominations coming up. and shredding your debt. how one woman paid off $24,000 in just 15 months, the two strategies she used. why you getting so close to that camera. back off, man. why you getting so close? come on, justin. what you doing to us, man? what you doing to us, man?
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welcome back to "good morning america" and coming up we're going to have that big announcement from neil diamond about his health and his future. so we'll have a lot more on that ahead and i have to show you some of the most magical images. this is tokyo disneyland. they had inches of snow making it just gorgeous but it's actually a huge deal there. yeah, there he is. walt covered up with mickey there. tokyo itself downtown had eight inches of snow so, as beautiful as it is, they're actually having a lot of problems and a lot of folks have been slipping and falling but not at disney. that doesn't happen there. no, just magic. they were so pretty. there are so many great images coming out of there. the west coast now that all the advisories have been canceled there is a series of storms we'll watch the next couple of days and that means a lot of high surf north on beaches along the west coast just north of l.a.
7:54 am
they already saw some rescues and really heavy rains coming in from northern california, right through the coast of oregon, up through washington state talking three plus inches and three feet of snow possible on mt. rainier. general electric is your
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by splenda naturals. the best-tasting stevia.
7:56 am
good morning south bay. let's get up and get going. >> hi, good morning i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. lisa argen here with the weather. >> the sun behind you looks beautiful. fog in the city and snort in the east bay. 46 in half moon bay, a nice afternoon with temperatures mild. cold in napa, 35 there and highs today, mid and upper 50s. >> a lot of traffic in the oakland area. significant alert near high street has been lifted. you can see the southbound and northbound directions 880 slow. take 580 for the airport. we had a car fire on west 37 that has things slow and west 24 before the 580 junction partially blocking there. >> we'll have another update in
7:57 am
about 30 minutes and always on the news app and join us for abc 7 mornings, weekdays 4:30 to 7:00 the news continues now with "good morning america" and have a safe morning
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking news as we come on the air, a powerful earthquake off the coast of alaska felt for hundreds of miles sparking alerts and tsunami watches up and down the entire west coast. >> a tsunami warning has been issued for this area. >> people told to evacuate immediately to higher ground the latest at this hour. ♪ sweet caroline new overnight, neil diamond reveals he has parkinson's disease, now announcing he's retiring from the stage calling off the last leg of his tour. what he's saying now about his diagnosis and the road ahead for the "sweet caroline" legend. sleep showdown. which mattress is the best for you? the new report looking at more than 100 mattresses from $400 to $4,000. how they all stack up and is a bed in a box on the top of the
8:01 am
list? ♪ 24 karat magic and envelope, please. >> they want me to do it again. >> a big day for some of hollywood's brightest stars, the academy awards nominations are announced as jimmy kimmel gets ready to host one more time. "lady bird" soar. "i, tonya" skate in glory. and the nominees are here, moments after they get the news, oscar countdown starts right now as we say good morning, america. and good morning, america. we hope your tuesday is off to a good start. >> yes, it is. oscar nominations morning. they're coming up at 8:30. you don't want to miss that and we're celebrating, of course, and so is jimmy kimmel. take a look. >> a latte for timmy. >> it's jimmy. >> no, it's timmy.
8:02 am
>> come on, man. you got to get the name right. >> i tried to get past the past, you know, put it behind me but it just catches up to me. feel like i'm losing my mind. and the worst part is, they want me to do it again. >> really? >> so what do i do? >> i don't care what you do just get out of my house. >> he's going to be ready. jimmy is always going to be ready. but first we want to get to that terrifying earthquake that hit off the coast of alaska sparking a tsunami alert and evacuations and back to kayna whitworth in california where they were also facing alerts. good morning, but that's all done now, kayna? >> yeah, robin. good morning. all watches and warnings and advisories for this tsunami have been cancelled all along the west coast and in alaska. but still, imagine waking up to a siren telling you had five
8:03 am
minutes to make it to higher ground and that's exactly what happened to folks living in alaska. they also received a text message and alert from the national weather service. there was tsunami. this is what it looked on my phone in southern california. bright red, tsunami watch. so for people in alaska, they had to evacuate. they moved to higher ground. this was traffic on the way as they were evacuating. scary situation for them. they're measuring the waves, they're now allowing everyone back if nary homes. here in california, we have a high surf advisory. breaking news for though and let's go amy robach. george, we're leshg about a shooting that happened at a high school in kentucky. active shooter at marshall
8:04 am
county high school. we understand that shooter is in police custody right now. and the ongoing threat is now thankfully over for students and faculty at that school. we do know one person is dead, several others were injured and since have been taken to the hospital. we want to stress the situation is contained right now according to authorities. the fbi in louisville, kentucky, is working with the state and local authorities on the investigation that will likely take much of the day today and the kentucky state police are saying a marshall county sheriff deputy apprehended the shooter. matt bevin tweeting this morning -- tragic shoot at marshall county high school. shooter in in custody. much yet unknown. please don't speculate or spread hearsay. once again, one dead, several others injured after a shooting at a high school in kentucky. george, back to you.
8:05 am
washington right now, where the government is up and running again after that three-day shutdown. and to mary bruce there on capitol hill. mary, the president claiming victory. three weeks the government will be open but the fate of the d.r.e.a.m.ers still very much up in the air. >> yeah, george, the issue at the heart of this debate still is not resolved. there is still no deal to protect d.r.e.a.m.ers. democrats agree to re-open the government here in exchange for a promise, the republican leader vowing to take action to protect d.r.e.a.m.ers but there's no guarantee the democrats will ultimately get what they want here. the president this morning is up and tweeting claiming victory saying big win for republicans as democrats cave on shutdown. now i want a big win for everyone including republican, democrats and daca, but especially for our great military and border security. should be able to get there. see you at the negotiating table. there are those still big questions about what the president really wants here. what he would be willing to sign on an immigration deal. bottom line, george, for
8:06 am
democrats, this is a big political gamble and with the clock ticking we could be right back where we started in just 17 days. >> february 8th. mary, thanks. we're coming up here that breaking news from neil diamond overnight about his health and future in music. "consumer reports" reveals their best picks for a bed to get a good night's sleeps. even beds in a box. plus, the oscar nominations right here on "gma" and we've got a great audience upstairs. you don't want to miss them. you don't want to miss the nominations so don't go anywhere. there they are. look at those happy people. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by splenda naturals. the best-tasting stevia.
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all right. welcome back to "gma." great to have everybody here with us in the studio and one of the most exciting mornings of the year, the oscar nominations will be revealed just ahead. the moves and the myths. >> we are looking forward to that. but first, we want to get to our "gma" cover story, neil diamond making that very personal announcement overnight saying he is retiring from touring as he battles parkinson's disease but also saying this is not good-bye. ♪ play it now play it now my baby ♪ ♪ crackling rose >> reporter: overnight the legendary musician known for rousing sing-alongs of his classic hits. ♪ sweet caroline ♪ good times never seemed so good ♪ >> reporter: over 50 years of shows with his legions of fans.
8:12 am
♪ everywhere around the world ♪ they coming to america >> reporter: announcing late monday night that those concerts are coming to an end. the rock & roll hall of famer revealing he's been diagnosed with parkinson's disease forcing him to say good-bye to the stage and call off the final leg of his 50th anniversary tour. >> it's the high point of an entertainer's career when you get up on stage. >> reporter: diamond writing, it is with great reluctance and disappointment that i announce my retirement from concert touring. i have been so honored to bring my shows to the public for the past 50 years. the 76-year-old singer says he's not quite ready to become a solitary man just yet, vowing to remain active in writing and recording music for a long time to come. ♪ as long as i can have here with me ♪ ♪ i'd much rather be forever in blue jeans yeah ♪ >> reporter: saying the disease made it difficult to travel and
8:13 am
perform on a large scale basis while also thanking his fans. you will always have my appreciation for your support and encouragement. other music great barry manilow tweeting, i'm rooting for you, neil. fight on from another brooklyn boy. he has 18 platinum certified albums and millions of fans around the world. ♪ cracklin' rose >> diamond's current tour set to expand to new zealand and will celebrate his 77th birthday tomorrow. we were all singing along to all of his -- i mean, 50 years of touring is remarkable. and hopefully more to come if he's hitting the recording studio. >> play "sweet caroline," everybody joins in. >> ba, ba, ba. >> i won't even attempt to attempt it. thank you very much for that. now let's go to the bed that will help you get a better night's sleep. "consumer reports" out with a
8:14 am
new review and becky worley has a new look and they're looking at everything from air mattresses to beds in a box. >> that's right, michael. "snooze alert" we're calling it. like seemingly every other industry, the standard way of buying a mattress is being disrupted. you did, of course, go to a store and flop down on 10 or 15 beds. see what fees right to you or you can go online and order a bed in a box to be delivered to your door, and according to "consumer reports," that concept is not as crazy as it seems. we spend a third of our lives in bed. >> ah. >> reporter: but when the tossing and turning means you need a new mattress, that's when the sleepless nights really start. while the options may seem indistinguishable to us "consumer reports" examined more than 116 beds. >> we tested three different kinds, inner spring mattresses and foam mattresses and adjustable air mattresses. >> reporter: pushing the mattresses to the limits testing durability, firmness and support. cost range from $400 all the way to $4400.
8:15 am
but sleep expert dr. michael bruce says price isn't the only factor. >> i would say price is probably the last factor that you would want to really look at. i would say you need to get on to a bed that you feel comfortable on, that your bed partner feels comfortable on, that you have the right support characteristics. >> reporter: what's new here, beds in a box. it's a two-step process that can squish a king size mattress pancake flat. and roll it up like a sleeping bag. >> it makes one perfect mattress. >> reporter: emerging as yet another challenger to traditional retail this $2400 one by essentia and this one by sleep on latex and this popular $950 bargain by casper, all receiving some of the highest ratings by "consumer reports." >> out of 116 different kinds of mattresses that we tested we had 41 included in our ratings this time around. right now there are about 12% of the whole market whereas a few years ago they were only 6%.
8:16 am
>> reporter: but if you're not ready to flip on the way you catch some zs this coil and spring mattress from charles rogers and adjustable air mattress from sleep number are the top two "consumer reports" recommended for an express trip to dreamland. >> everything you do you do better with a good night's sleep so it affects how you think, feel, so if you don't get good sleep a whole lot of other things don't go so well. >> reporter: so no matter your budget or buying style, rest assured, there's a bed for you. one of the most interesting aspects of buying a bed these days is the return policy. they're very generous both from stores and from online retailers. some as long as 120 days which is good if you don't like it, you can send it back. i mean, michael, you have the "consumer reports" deemed crowd pleaser bed, the casper, right? >> i do. i do. yeah, every time i see this i'm thinking we got a bed in a box. [ laughter ] but it's hard to imagine what it looks like because it is in a
8:17 am
box so i'll have the guys come out and we'll open this up. we'll see what it looks like out of the box. there you go, fellas. tilt it over. there you go. that's very simple. pretty amazing. i'm not supposed to do this. i'm trying to help. you're walking away. don't leave me. this is pretty amazing. that's what it looks like out of the box and it takes about a minute to put it together, right, becky? >> yeah, i mean it's so crazy that something that comes compacted like that. basically you got a burrito there that that would turn into a bed. you got the mattress there, right, it's all laid out. does it feel like a normal bed? >> i tell you this is really comfortable. you're welcome to join me, i mean this is really comfortable, everybody. really something else. and, becky, so say you don't like this, how do you get it back into the box? >> that is a big challenge and it's interesting, a lot of these online services will not actually take the mattress back.
8:18 am
they may not have you ship it back for that exact reason, they may have you donate it to charity if you end up not wanting it, but the return rates are less than 7% so most people seem to like them. >> all right. thank you, becky. everybody, do your research. good night of sleep is very important. going to go over to you, robin. >> michael, i don't think i've ever seen you look so comfortable. >> i'm about to nap. >> looks good. looks good. wake up, michael. we have a "gma" health alert for you now about those new blood pressure guidelines. recent changes are stirring up a debate between doctors about whether they actually help or hurt patients and dr. jen is here with a reality check. a lot of controversy here. what's the deal? >> let me set this up. in november a group of cardiologists came out with new blood pressure guidelines that actually dropped the threshold limit that defines whether someone has high blood pressure. it used to be 140 over 90. now it's 130 over 80. not everyone agreed with that so
8:19 am
now a group of internists and family medicine docs are saying, hold on, not so fast. we have some issues with this and they're questioning the data that went into this, whether the outcomes in this lower range of high blood pressure really warrant medication in some cases and i want to be very clear. in medicine in science any time there is a healthy respectful debate it's not only good and academic exercise it's good for patient care. when you hear doctors disagreeing, ooh, that's not good. i say that's great. that's what advances medicine. >> that's a way of looking at it. what are the risks of lower guidelines? >> you heard me say it before any time you talk about therapy or medicine weigh the risks. when you talk about these guidelines there are health and economic consequences of labeling someone potentially as unwell. there's financial costs of medication and there are side effects to anti-hypertensive
8:20 am
medication, fainting and low blood pressure. over 60 is a major group affected by these guidelines. >> if you don't want to do meds, but have high blood pressure, other alternatives? >> to be clear the american heart association when they proposed these new guidelines said they thought it would only increase the number of people on medication by about 30%. lifestyle modifications are the mainstay. they are the foundation and i want to go through with you some of these modifications and what they can do to your blood pressure. so weight loss, we hear it over and over again, it can drop your blood pressure by one point for every kilogram of body weight lost. diet, the heart healthy diet. a dash diet can drop it by 11 points. when you drop your dietary sodium it can lower it another 5 points. when you increase potassium in your diet, dropping it another 5 points, and then exercise, alcohol in moderation, and add
8:21 am
up all these numbers, let's say for argument sake i'm giving you an exam someone? a blood pressure of 139 over 79. you do all those things, it can drop that top number by 23 points, now you no longer need medication. >> numbers don't lie. >> lifestyle matters. >> okay. thank you, jen. let's get over to ginger now. >> yes, you know what it's time for your "gma" moment. and minnesota has been coming in strong with great videos. this one just kind of reminds you what you feel like on tuesday. she's trying to do -- her first time, she is 2 years old trying to do gymnastics, i think she was going for a forward roll and her mom said they were laughing so hard because she was belly flopping in. thank you. we know how you feel. please send your "gma" moment right here on my facebook page and hopefully we can get a little laugh or a smile and beautiful shot this morning across the bay waking up to some fog in the north and east bay and partly cloudy today next
8:22 am
storm arrives tomorrow, look frg a dry and mild weekend. partly cloudy skies, 56 in san rafael, san francisco and fremont, 60 santa cruz and the accuweather 7 day forecast, level now, an inspiring story about digging your way out of debt. one newlywed managed to pay off $24,000 in just 15 months. rebecca jarvis is here to tell us how she did it and how you could do it too. rebecca, everybody is wondering what her formula is. >> this is important information for everyone. this is also a wake-up call. u.s. credit card debt recently topped a record $1 trillion but this newlywed, she figured her way out of it, $24,000 in debt paid off in a little more than a year and not only inspiring but possible. here's how she did it.
8:23 am
when anna got married there was a hitch. her husband aaron was ready to have and to hold her but he wasn't so excited about sharing his bank account with her. >> i bought what i wanted when i wanted and spent the way i wanted. >> i think the bombshell for me was when i learned she was about $24,000 in debt. >> i'm like, this guy that i love is not wanting to share finances with me. >> reporter: after their honeymoon anna got to work and did something remarkable. she did a spending fast to shred her debt. >> the spending fast is where you spend on needs only. >> reporter: that means just the essentials, pay your bills, food you cook at home, that's it. needs only. no wants allowed. then she took it to the next level. doing a reverse budget. >> a reverse budget is where you take the last three months of your bank statement, credit card statements and you're going to take a pen and paper.
8:24 am
>> reporter: going line by line you write down everything you've spent, categories like food, rent, medical, clothing, pizza. >> reverse budget shows us an itemized list of everything that you're spending on. >> reporter: the reverse budget showed her real spending habits forcing her to change her ways. she started to spend less, paid her bills, she shed that $24,000 in debt in just 15 months. >> i took control over it. since getting out of debt i now run three businesses that i love. i'm a mom now. we own a house. it's totally changed my life. >> she continues to share how she did it on her blog and in a book introducing her method to thousands of people online including a debt spending support group on facebook where members uplift each other's progress by saying things like awesome, i can't wait for my next paycheck to throw more money to my debt and, that sounds so brave of you. that group has collectively
8:25 am
erased $3 million of debt in just two years. $3 million of debt in just two years. this is a very big deal and just like going on a food diet or setting a fitness goal, finding those allies that support group, the friends, the partners to join you in the debt diet is so important, that is what's going to help motivate you, michael. >> and i could imagine one key would be figuring out what you really need and what you really just want. >> going through that list is so important and a lot of people can also help themselves, michael, by figuring out if they can transfer that debt to a new lower interest rate credit card but that can come with some issue, first of all it takes about a 600 credit score or above to get that credit card. cards can come with fees so you want to check. because sometimes that can outweigh the benefits. and finally, penalties can be higher if you miss the payment so you have to make sure if you're committed to that new credit card or the new personal loan you have to make sure to make those payments along the
8:26 am
way. >> don't get to the point where your payment is lower, i can spend more money? exactly. you have to stick to it. also, if you're pot going to do the new credit card, pay down the highest interest rate credit card first. >> all right. needs versus wants so my kids really didn't need that iphone. okay. thank you, rebecca. appreciate that. coming up, everybody, we have the oscar nominations right here on "gma." you don't want to miss that. we'll be right back. stay right there.
8:27 am
good morning north bay. let's get up and get going thnchts is abc 7 rn mogs. >> good morning. the raiders moving to vegas, that is not news. one group trying to keep the silver and black in oakland. in a few minutes they're going to be holding a news conference announcing what steps are taken. and a lawsuit from the nfl will keep a new opportunity to keep the raiders in the east bay. >> we have earlier problems with the metering lights fall mungsing and relatively slow this morning. they reset the lights so they should be functioning properly. an earlier stall on the san mateo bridge on the high-rise things bumper and bumper, things moving a
8:28 am
8:29 am
now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> more dense in the north bay, 46 downtown, 41 in gilroy. mid 40s in mountain view. 37 in napa. 44 in livermore, partly cloud skies today. 60 in san jose, rain tomorrow.
8:30 am
>> we'll have another welcome back to "gma." we're back now with the 2018 academy award nominations. lots of anticipation. did you feel it. >> lot of people -- >> they're waiting. >> lot of people waiting, they're like, text people or betexted, things like that. sitting up in their chairs. >> can't wait. >> if anyone said they slept through it, don't believe them. we had someone walking their dog. let's get to tiffany haddish and andy circus.
8:31 am
>> what great morning. here the nominees for performance by an actress in a supporting role. >> mary j. blige "mudbound." allison janney in "i,tonya." lesley manville in "phantom thread." laurie metcalf in "lady bird." and octavia spencer in "the shape of water." >> uh-huh. for performance by an actor in a supporting role, willem dafoe in "the florida project." woody harrelson in "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri." richard jenkins in "the shape of water."
8:32 am
christopher plummer in "all the money in the world." and sam rockwell in "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri." ebbing, i said it. for best foreign language film, "a fantastic woman," chile. "the insult," lebanon. "loveless," russia. "on body and soul," hungary. and "the square," sweden. for best documentary short subject, "edith + eddie."
8:33 am
"heaven is a traffic jam on the 405." "heroin(e)." "knife skills." and "traffic stop." all these titles make a woman from an urban area very uncomfortable, i'm just saying. >> no, i'm totally up with you. for best documentary feature, "abacus: small enough to jail." "faces, places." "icarus." "last men in aleppo." and "strong island." for original song, "mighty river" from "mudbound."
8:34 am
"the mystery of love" from "call me by your name." "remember me" from "coco." "stand up for something" from "marshall." and "this is me" from "the greatest showman." for best animated feature film, "the boss baby." "the breadwinner." "coco." "ferdinand." and "loving vincent." here are the nominees for adaptation screenplay. "call me by your name," james ivory.
8:35 am
"the disaster artist," scott neustadter and michael h. weber. "logan," scott frank, james mangold and michael green. "molly's game," aaron sorkin. and "mudbound," virgil williams and dee rees. for original screenplay, "the big sick," emily v. gordon. "get out," jordan peele. "lady bird," greta gerwig. "the shape of water," guillermo
8:36 am
del toro and vanessa taylor. and "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri," martin mcdonagh. for performance by an actor in a leading role, timothee chalamet in "call me by your name." daniel day-lewis in "phantom thread." daniel kaluuya, daniel kaluuya, you know it. he know his name in "get out." gary oldman in "darkest hour." and denzel washington in "roman j. israel, esq."
8:37 am
and for performance by an actress in a leading role, sally hawkins in "the shape of water." frances mcdormand in "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri." margot robbie in "i, tonya." saoirse ronan in "lady bird." and meryl streep in "the post." here are the nominees for achievement in directing. "dunkirk," christopher nolan. "get out," jordan peele. "lady bird," greta gerwig.
8:38 am
"phantom thread," paul thomas anderson. and "the shape of water," guillermo del toro. you want to do the big one for the best picture? >> i think we should both do it. what could possibly go wrong? >> you don't know me that well. you don't know me at all. and finally, here are the nine final -- here are the nine films selected as best picture nominees. "call me by your name," peter spears, luca guadagnino, emilie georges and marco morabito.
8:39 am
producers. >> "darkest hour," tim bevan, eric fellner, lisa bruce, antony mccarten and douglas urbanski. producers. >> "dunkirk," emma thomas and christopher nolan, producers. >> "get out," shawn mckittrick, jason blum, edward h. hamm jr. and jordan peele, producers. "lady bird," scott rudin, eli bush and evelyn o'neill, producers. "phantom thread," joanne sellar, megan ellison and daniel lupi, producers. "the post," amy pascal,
8:40 am
steven spielberg and kristie macosko krieger, producers. "the shape of water," guillermo del toro and j. miles dale, producers. and "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri," graham broadbent, peter czernin and martin mcdonagh, producers. [ applause ] >> thank you very much, everyone, for watching this morning and congratulations to all the nominees.
8:41 am
>> and make sure you watch as we celebrate the 90th oscars, sunday night, march 4th on abc. [ applause ] >> first of all, congratulations to all the nominees. >> absolutely. >> that was the most entertaining i think we've ever seen. >> i hope she does it every year. [ applause ] >> that was worth it. >> so good for the show. >> so what jumped out right away to you? what's the one thing that jumped out to you? >> i was a little surprised that "i, tonya" did not get a best picture nomination. i think octavia spencer was sort of a surprise. >> we got laurie metcalf. we'll talk to her first oscar nomination for "lady bird" when we come back.
8:42 am
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chase. make more of what's yours.
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those are the best supporting actress nominees and we are back now with "lady bird's" laurie metcalf who was just nominated for her first academy award. she is joining us on the phone. good morning, congratulations, laurie. >> thank you so much. >> and, laurie, we know that you knew these nominations were coming out this morning. what were you doing when you got the call? >> well, i just got into new york last night because i'm actually starting rehearsals on a play today, so i was up
8:45 am
because i'm on, you know, l.a. time and i was jet-lagged so i was up and i'm going to get headed down to 42nd street pretty soon to start rehearsal. >> i tell you what, a great way to start your day and to kick off this play. >> come on by. we're right here. >> no kidding. no kidding. >> a lot of coffee waiting for you. >> a couple of blocks away. >> you know, laurie, i couldn't help in the break hear you were asking if "lady bird" got best picture. here you already knew you had a nomination. this is what i love about this cast and crew. you care about the entire project. what does it mean to have the five nominations for this film? >> it's true. i was waiting -- you know, i couldn't listen to the rest of the nominations come out and as they did -- as i was told i got really emotional, you know, because everybody just poured their whole heart and soul into doing this film and i'm so happy for greta and series that and the whole movie. >> laurie, i have to say i listened to the group that you
8:46 am
are among in supporting women and everyone is over the age of 40. how about that? [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, that's terrific. there were some really strong, powerful supporting actress roles this year, really strong. >> well, congratulations, you're well deserving. >> yeah, congratulations. >> thank you. >> have a great day, laurie.
8:47 am
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8:48 am
she was just nominated not for one but two academy awards. two. and mary j. is on the phone. with us right now. congratulations. just tell us the emotions that you're feeling right now, mary j. >> oh, my gosh. i'm so -- i'm almost speechless. i'm so grateful. this is like -- it's like 5:30 in the morning here, l.a. time.
8:49 am
i'm too excited and too grateful and too thankful. i mean, wow. >> as a young woman growing up in yonkers, could you ever imagine a moment like this. >> i would never have imagined a moment like this. i didn't see any of this coming. i didn't see any -- i didn't see this coming. not at all. i'm too grateful. >> and mary, you said that you were uncomfortable when you were going through this role, you had to strip yourself down, what was your reaction when you first saw yourself in the film if. >> i was cryinging. i didn't know who i was looking at. i guess i was looking at florence. i cried. >> mary j., talk about working with the dynamic director dee rees and the entire cast and crew the passion that went into this project? >> dee rees is one of the most phenomenal female directors that i ever worked with, she's so
8:50 am
competent and so patient. she was patient with all of us. this was a chevy, heavy movie. she created such a safe place for all of us to work. we became like family because of the hard roles we had to play. but dee made it easy. >> and mary j., you're beautiful. so, congratulations again. >> thank you. >> joining us now the "the shape of water's" richard jenkins. nominated for best supporting actor. richard, congratulations to you for your nomination this morning. >> thank you so much. >> this is your second nomination, you were nominated for the visitor back in 2009, does it feel any different? it's got to be even more excited. >> humbling. >> sitting with a lot more people at this ceremony than the last one. 13 nominations for "shape of
8:51 am
water." why do you think this movie has struck an academy chord? >> in one word, toro. >> they were talking about how you could go from comedy to drama, you have such range. >> step brothers was robbed at the oscars. >> richard, seriously, congratulation from all of us here. good luck at the oscars. >> all right. "i, tonya's allison allison is on the line. you were excited about the golden globe nomination that received that morning. this, the recognition that you're receiving for this role. capping off with this nominee. must be a great morning. >> thank you so much. i could not be more excited.
8:52 am
i'm -- i mean, it really is a dream come true. i was awoken by five friends of mine who flew in from new york to be here for the announcement. i have never been more surprised by them or by this what happened this morning. i'm so grateful. >> allison, what's surprising, actually, you had such an incredible career and this is your first oscar nomination, what does it feel like? >> i always wanted something like this to happen. it feels too good to be true. especially steven wrote this role for me. i'm so happy and thankful for him and this honor. a special morning for many. >> and your co-star margot robbie getting a nomination,
8:53 am
too. >> i know. i'm excited for the three nominations. >> was the oscars an event you would watch and imagine standing in front of the mirror growing up? >> every one. i think i held the first oscar i held was whoopi goldberg's. >> you deserved this. you won the golden globe, you won the s.a.g. we're so happy for you. we wish you the best. thank you for joining us this morning. >> i'm so happy to join you. have a great let's think about what goes in here, renee. oh. and we think ba-blam's gonna kill the stomach flu? i'm scared to use the facilities. i don't blame you. if you want clean, your cleaner needs bleach in it. clorox means clean.
8:54 am
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good morning bay area. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning to you. lisa argen in for mike nicco this morning with the either. >> fog here from the roof camera and 49 degrees in san jose, this is a roof camera, temperatures in the north bay. cool. we'll warm up with comfort shl conditions. 60 in oakland, rain arriving this time tomorrow. >> all approaches in the bay bridge jammed because of a meet orring light malfunction. i heard as much as an hour and 20 minutes to get through toll plaza, that is just ouch. and a sig alert southbound 442 in concord, lane blocked highway 4. >> it is time now for live
9:00 am
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